Kim Maverick - Catch'em Now

Guitarist and Vocalist, Kim wrote this first version of the single called Catch 'Em Out.

Rupert James - Father Non

Rupert is a young chap who, inspired by UK indy music mostly, composes and plays his own songs as he plays acoustic guitar and sings with a powerful voice.

Late Night Sessions - Beat of the Bang

Late Night Sessions are two friends who pass their times by recording music at night for the sake of their love for recording techniques and musical freedom.

MilesSmile ft. Sema - Alright

"Alright" is a summer song that spirits traveling, happiness, partying and smiling. MilesSmile plays acoustic guitar with the lovely vocalist Sema from London.

Laioung ft. Ridez, Triggz - Speak Up

Laoioung is a singer and rapper from Brussels and London who perseveres in the rap scene around the world as he travels often to meet new rappers to feature with and to follow his dream.

Cornichon - Bored of Gold

Milan Metthey and Michael Sfyroeras reunited from school to produce a sound they love and couldn't find anywhere else. After a few months of getting used to work together their first was recorded including "Bored of Gold".

Xristina - Lullaby of Nostalgia

"Lullaby of Nostalgia" is one of the four songs of a piano for orchestra EP composed and played by pianist Xristina.

Sha feat. K16 - Home Sweat Home

"Home Sweat home" is a single made in the dedication to the victims affected buy the religious crisis in Jos, northern part of Nigeria. The song is on sale on most digital stores and featured in an album collection, released by Swell & Co. in Los Angeles.

Sema - Apple Blossom Time

The original song from "The Andrew Sisters" has been performed by talented singer Sema and back vocalists Xristina and Jantien from London.

Rorkid - Raised by G's

Rorkid lyricist and rapper from London wrote the song "Raised by G's". He raps about who he is and how he sees the world with lyrical prowess.

Captain Pal - Tanga

"Tanga" is derived from tango but with a greek touch. Captain Pal brought a spirit of Sifnos as he plays piano and classic guitar on the production.

Cathal - Music is Life

Cathal is a guitarist and vocalist from Ireland living in Brussels. "Music is Live" is a song that has been recorded and produced for a Uganda charity project made by himself.

Arni Hjorvar - The Ship

The project "The Ship" has been produced with multiple artists including Arni as the guitarist and lead singer.